Astropad now works with FiftyThree’s Pencil stylus

Astropad image 001

Astropad, an awesome iPad application which turns your Apple tablet into a professional-grade graphics tablet for your Mac, now works with the Pencil stylus by FiftyThree.

A major update, Astropad 1.1 includes major accuracy and wavy line improvements for the Jot Touch Pixelpoint stylus, improved palm rejection for Adonit styluses, support for Adobe Ink (choose Adonit when pairing), new settings and built-in help.

After today’s update, the application now features built-in support for styluses by FiftyThree, Adonit, Wacom, Adobe and Hex3. With Astropad, your iPad becomes a pressure-sensitive screen for your Mac that you can draw on using your finger or a dedicated stylus.

Here’s Astropad’s Pencil support:

Featuring GPU-accelerated Liquid technology, Astropad delivers lag-free performance over Wi-Fi or USB without noticeable compression artifacts. It also does color correction on the fly so what you see on your iPad exactly matches the images on your Mac, and vice versa.

And here’s a video overview of Astropad.

Astropad 1.1 changelog:

  • Astropad now supports Pencil by FiftyThree and it’s awesome! We’ve worked hard on really great Pencil support so even the built-in eraser will work with your Mac apps.
  • A lot more great stuff is included:
    • Major accuracy and wavy line improvements for the Jot Touch Pixelpoint
    • Better palm rejection for Adonit styluses
    • Adobe Ink support (choose Adonit when pairing)
    • Pencil by FiftyThree
    • New prefs with built-in help

Astropad for iPad is available for $24.99 in the App Store.

The required Mac application is available at no cost through the Astropad website.

Astropad works with any iOS device running iOS 8 or later and supports any Mac with OS X 10.9 or later.

The Mac app was updated last month with pressure sensing in additional Mac apps, including SketchBook Pro, Corel Painter and Manga Studio, meaning pressure should now work across nearly every Mac app.