How to define words from anywhere using Activator

Define Activator 1

Have you ever wanted to quickly learn the definition of a word, but you weren’t actually viewing the word on your iPhone? Sure, you can use Siri, but sometimes even that’s not a option or a possibility.

Define Activator is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to define text using a preset Activator gesture. Once you invoke the assigned gesture, a pop-up box appears where you can type in the term that you wish to define.

Define Activator 2

After you type in the term, tap the Define button, and the traditional iOS dictionary interface will appear with a definition. If there is no definition for a word, then the dictionary will present a pop-up that simply states that the definition is not found.

Define Activator is a great way to discretely look up definitions on the fly. If you’re someone who always relies on a dictionary, then it’s certainly worth checking out.

You can find Define Activator free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Once you install it, simply head to the Activator preferences, and establish a gesture to mate with the Define action.

What do you think about Define Activator? Would you use it?