Twitter gives Periscope verified badges, Follower Only mode, new Global section and more


Twitter on Wednesday issued a second update to its live-broadcasting app on iOS, Periscope for iPhone. The new build brings an additional three new features along with a few enhancements and bug fixes making your experience more pleasing than before.

In addition to easier blocking and major scrolling improvements, a new Follower Mode can be now turned on before starting a broadcast to limit comments to only viewers that you follow.

You’ll also appreciate the new Global section where you’ll find live broadcasts from around the world, as opposed to your Home feed which contains live broadcasts and replays tailored to you.

The app now distinguish between regular Twitter users and those who have been verified on the service by displaying the Twitter Verified badge on their profile pic.

And if you want to stop someone from pestering you on Periscope, there’s now a much easier way to block them — just tap on their comment and choose the option to block.

Periscope 1.0.2 changelog:

  • New ‘Global’ section added to Periscope that lists the most recent, live broadcasts from around the world. Your home feed will only show live broadcasts and replays tailored to you.
  • A new “Follower Only” mode is available before starting your broadcast. If you turn this on, only viewers that YOU follow can comment in your broadcast.
  • Users who are verified are marked by the classic Twitter Verified badge you’re used to seeing.
  • Major scrolling performance improvements. This will feel silky and smooth compared to the last version.
  • You can block users more easily (tap on a comment to present the option to block).
  • Fixed a bug where viewers & broadcasters would sometimes stop seeing comments and hearts.
  • Fixed a caching issue where the wrong Profile image would get displayed for a user.
  • Fixed a bug where some iOS 7 users couldn’t watch broadcasts with kajillions of viewers.

An update last week focused on live broadcast improvements and improvements to in-app maps showing broadcaster’s location.

The iPhone-only app requires iOS 7.1 or later. According to a post the development team published on its blog, Periscope for Android is due soon.

“We’re working on it,” reads the article, without committing to specific dates.

Download Periscope free in the App Store.