SHARKK’s wireless keyboard case for iPad Air 2 rotates for portrait or landscape mode

SHARKK wirless keyboard case for iPad air 2 1

I love using keyboard cases for my iPad. I highly recommend that anyone with a tablet invest in a keyboard case. It increases productivity significantly, while acting as a protective covering for your device.

SHARKK has a wireless keyboard case specifically made for the iPad Air 2 that features a rotating mount, so you can use your tablet in landscape or portrait mode without missing a beat.

The hard clamshell style case has a rubberized matte finish and fits securely to your iPad Air 2 with all ports and controls exposed for accessibility. It features a brushed aluminum rotation stand and the keys are made from standard acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).

The case closes securely using a latch mechanism. Opening and closing the case activates the iPad’s sleep/wake functions.

The keys are designed with Apple layout in mind and include a number of iOS functions, including Lock screen, Home screen return, screen brightness, copy/paste, and volume and playback controls for iTunes. The keyboard features “whisper quiet” keys.

The keyboard is powered by rechargeable ION lithium batteries, which are charged using the included micro USB cable. It uses Bluetooth connectivity to

When you open the clamshell to access the keyboard, you will slide the iPad away from the case to access the aluminum stand. You can then set the tablet in the mount groves.

SHARKK wirless keyboard case for iPad air 2 2

The rotating stand allows you to rotate the iPad 360 before setting it in the mount grooves so you can use your tablet in either landscape or portrait mode. This is one feature that is often times left out of the design of a keyboard case. There are dozens of reasons to use portrait mode when typing.

The SHARKK wireless keyboard case for iPad Air 2 is available for $40 from Amazon. It only comes in black. There is also a version for the original iPad Air for the same price.

What do you think of this rotating keyboard case? Let us know in the comments below.