Purported pricing for Apple Watch extended warranty leaks


While Apple did confirm during its second Apple Watch media event on March 9, 2015 that it will be offering its AppleCare+ extended coverage plan for the wearable device, it did not present pricing for the extended support plans tailored specifically to the Watch.

Friday, MacRumors shared some purported AppleCare+ pricing information for the Apple Watch models, obtained from a source. According to writer Juli Clover, AppleCare+ for each version of the Watch will be priced differently, with the gold-plated Apple Watch Edition commanding the highest premium in terms of extended warranty coverage.

Internal screenshots shared with MacRumors, included below, suggest that the following AppleCare+ tiers will be offered for the various Watch models:

  • $59 AppleCare+ for Apple Watch Sport
  • $79 AppleCare+ for Apple Watch
  • $999 AppleCare+ for Apple Watch Edition

These protection plans will be available for purchase as an add-on from the online and brick-and-mortar Apple Store at the time of purchase.

They include accidental damage (at a per-incident service fee) and extend standard one-year coverage of the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport models to two years from the date of purchase, or three years in the case of the Apple Watch Edition.

“It is unclear from the information we have received whether band choice will affect AppleCare+ pricing, as band prices vary significantly,” wrote Clover.

Apple Watch Sport AppleCare Plus MacRumors 001

The publication couldn’t determine the veracity of the information given, but underscored that “other sources at Apple” have indicated they are hearing unconfirmed word of similar pricing.

AppleCare+ is an optional coverage service offered for other Apple products as well. For instance, the $99 AppleCare+ for the iPhone extends your warranty to two years while covering two cases of accidental damage with a $79 service fee.

Like pretty much every Apple gadget, both the entry-level aluminum Apple Watch Sport and the mid-tier stainless steel Apple Watch will be covered by a standard limited one-year warranty for hardware repairs and 90 days of complimentary support.

Apple Watch Sport AppleCare Plus MacRumors 002

The pricey, gold-plated Apple Watch Edition will treat customers to a higher level of service and will come with a two-year warranty and complimentary 24/7 support.

I think $59 is a fair price to pay to extend the warrant coverage of the entry-level Apple Watch Sport (which I’ll be buying) to two years.

What do you think of these prices?

Source: MacRumors