EA debuts ‘Get To Work’ expansion for The Sims 4 featuring three career paths and more

The Sims 4 Get to Work expansion pack

Publisher Electronic Arts on Tuesday launched the first major expansion pack for its popular life simulation game for Mac and Windows PCs, The Sims 4. “It’s time to take your career to the next level,” says EA, revealing that the add-on is all about different career paths your Sims can take.

In addition, entrepreneurial types can now build and manage their own retail stores and earn money by selling all sorts of items. You can set prices yourself, hire and manage employees, customize uniforms and work to make the final sale.

EA says there’s no limit to the type of retail business that can be created, from clothing boutiques to art galleries, or bakeries to bookstores.

The expansion offers three distinct career paths: Doctor, Detective and Scientist.

Working at hospitals, doctors examine patients, run x-rays, make diagnoses, perform surgeries, deliver babies, make house calls to visit sick Sims and more. And just how does a Sim become sick? Just like in real life, through close interactions with other ill Sims.

Making your Sim a detective lets you solve crimes and work at the Police Station to pick up new cases. Investigative work includes gathering evidence at crime scenes, tracking clues and collecting witness statements.

The real fun starts back at the Police Station, where your law enforcing Sim can search suspects, take their mug shots and fingerprints and interrogate them. Sims in the Detective career can also patrol the streets and issue tickets to neighborhood menaces.

Lastly, playing as a Scientist challenges your Sims to research sci-fi items like the Cloning Machine, the SimRay or the ElectroFlux Wormhole Generator. The SimRay lets you freeze other Sims, control their minds and transform objects while the ElectroFlux Wormhole Generator teleports you to Sixam, “the mysterious home world of fan-favorite Aliens who make a much anticipated return to The Sims 4.”

Regardless of your preferred career path, you’ll actively control your Sims’ decisions throughout the workday as your characters get to meet fellow co-workers, explore the new career venues and decide whether to “work toward that next promotion or wreak havoc on the workplace.”

Last but not least, the new Photography and Baking skills give your Sims new things to learn, new things to do and achieve and new creations to sell.

‘Get to Work’ is available on EA’s Origin platform in exchange for forty bucks, which buys you both Mac and PC version of the expansion pack.

Source: Electronic Arts