Purported iPad Pro casing points to dual ports; could it be USB-C?

ipad pro side port

New photos posted on China social media site Sina Weibo and shared by HDBlog on Monday point to the rumored, larger, iPad Pro having two ports – if the photos prove to be legitimate. The images were first shared by VandaagApple in February.

The unconfirmed photos show an iPad with the typical Apple logo, rear-camera, and side volume buttons. However curiously, there’s a port of some sorts on the left side of the device, something never before seen on the iPad line.

It’s not clear what type of port is being shown. However knowing Apple, it could be a second Lightning port, or more likely, a USB-C port that was first featured on the new MacBook.

Rumors have pointed to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro to be aimed at enterprise users. It would make sense for Apple to include a second port for support of a broader range of accessories. If the side port was USB-C it could power HDMI output, useful for business presentations and keyboard and mouse support.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier in March that the iPad Pro will feature a USB 3.0 port for accessories. The well-connected Apple publication also shared production has been pushed back until September, rather than the current quarter as previously reported. Following the unveiling of USB-C on the new MacBook instead of USB 3.0, the former seems much more likely.

There have been inaccurate leaks for past cases and mockups, so take this with a grain of salt. If anything, it serves as a nice mockup of what Apple will probably feature on its next iPad.

Should Apple ditch Lightning completely and just opt for USB-C as the new standard?

Source: HDBlog via Business Insider