Code indicates Android Wear to gain iOS support

Android Wear accepting iPhone call Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh 001

Taking a play out of Pebble’s playbook, Google’s line of smartwatches under the Android Wear brand may finally be ready to give the Apple Watch a run for its money by being supported by both iOS and Android.

Google’s Android-powered software platform for wearable devices launched a year ago without official support for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac devices. But that may soon change. 

Android developer MohammadAG tweeted findings that indicate Google is indeed working on bringing Android Wear support to iOS.

MohammadAG found iOS related code:

A French blog previously reported that Google is working on an iPhone app for Android Wear compatibility of iOS. There was no timeline provided for the software, but the code found on Wednesday indicates it’s at least being worked on.

The notion of iOS-compatible Android Wear smartwatches isn’t as far fetched as it sounds. Google is among the leading developers for the iOS platform and the firm’s Glass hardware works on iOS.

Earlier this month, a developer was able to piece together a makeshift solution that enables iOS Messages and call notifications on Android Wear devices like Motorola’s round-faced Moto 360.

Industry analyst Canalys reported last month that out of 4.6 million wearables shipped last year, only 720,000 of them were Android Wear smartwatches. Some analysts have pegged Apple Watch shipments to be as high as ten million in 2015 alone.

Perhaps iOS support could help Google and partner manufacturers raise those numbers.

Source: Twitter via PhanDroid