Nomad unveils beautiful stand and charging station accessories for Apple Watch

Nomad Apple Watch stand 001

Accessory maker Nomad has created a “methodically designed, expertly crafted” stand for your Apple Watch that is just as pretty and functional as Apple’s wrist-worn gizmo. Dubbed the Stand, it suspends your Watch mid-air while providing MagSafe access to its Zirconia backing.

Another accessory called the Pod will be available as well, basically a mobile charging solution for your device with a built-in rechargeable 1,800mAh lithium polymer battery that quadruples your Apple Watch battery life.

Nomad Stand

The San Francisco-based company hails the Stand as a minimalist, “honest charging stand” for the Apple Watch that’s designed to give the device an elevated charging experience.

Nomad Apple Watch stand 003

Crafted from a solid piece of aluminum, the accessory features a cable routing channel on its backside, a non-slip, high friction rubber footing and a solid chunk of copper for added ballast at over three times the weight of aluminum.

Nomad Apple Watch stand 004

Measuring 10.5cm wide, nine cm tall and five cm deep, the Pod is compatible with both the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition and accepts the 1m and 2m versions of the Apple Watch charging cable.

Nomad Apple Watch stand 002


The Pod weighs in at 80 grams, or 2.8 ounces. It’s “smaller than a hockey puck” and measures 72mm in diameter and 25mm thick.

The top of its polycarbonate plastic enclosure contains the battery and USB charging unit inside. The top accommodates the Apple’s MagSafe charging puck so you can charge the Apple Watch on the Pod directly, no additional cable required.

To charge the Apple Watch or any other USB device, you’d simply insert the USB end of the Apple Watch charging cable into Pod’s USB port, wrap the cable around the accessory, close the Pod and then place your Apple Watch back on top to charge from any angle.

NomadPod for Apple Watch 003

The built-in 1,800mAh lithium polymer battery provides up to four full charges of Apple Watch and files as the first Apple Watch accessory to utilize the new USB Type-C cable for in/out power transmission, although it provides a Micro-USB and USB-Type A as backup solutions for all other devices.

NomadPod for Apple Watch 002

The accessory ships with the precision stamped aluminum casing and has a Dupont Versollan TPE rubber base which firmly affixes it in place while in use.

The $59.95 Nomad Stand starts shipping on April 30 in Silver and Space Grey. The $59.99 NomadPod will be available in Silver, Space Gray and Matte Black Plastic, with shipments set to commence on June 15.

NomadPod for Apple Watch 001

Nomad, which launched on Kickstarter in 2012, also sells the ChargeCard, a portable USB cable the size and shape of a credit card. They are now shooting to become a smartwatch-first accessories company.

“We believe the smartwatch will soon eclipse the smartphone as the number one mobile device, including telephone and camera,” the company explain on its website.

NomadPod for Apple Watch 004

The company is also behind the ChargeKey, NomadClip and other ‘Made for iPhone’ certified accessories.

If you can’t wait until June, premium Apple-exclusive accessory maker Twelve South will be bringing its HiRise for Apple Watch charging stand to market in May.

And for those of you with an urge to spend big money on an Apple Watch accessory, look no further than the $249 Reserve Stand with an embedded lithium polymer cells and an inductive charging cradle.

Source: Nomad