FiftyThree launching new toolkit for iPad drawing app Paper next month

Paper by FiftyThree 2.3 for iOS iPad screenshot 001

FiftyThree, the makers of the popular iPad drawing software Paper which works with their Pencil stylus, on Tuesday announced a new set of drawing tools coming to Paper in the form of an app update due next month.

The next-generation of tools, dubbed ThinkKit, will dramatically speed up the creation of diagrams, charts and presentation sketches, the company argued.

It’s unclear whether the ThinkKit will be provided at no cost or if the company will choose to make it available through the In-App Purchase mechanism.

The Verge is reporting that an Intention Engine is part of the new tool set. It’s basically a predictive technology designed to speed up the creation of diagrams, charts and presentations.

“It’s like auto­-correct for drawing,” said the firm. “And augments the ability of the human hand, so you can write and draw at the speed of thought.”

FiftyThree Think Kit Paper tools teaser 002

Instead of telling the Paper app which tool you want to use, this technology should make it possible to “create with a fluid ease, without having to prompt the computer first,” according to FiftyThree founder and CEO Georg Petschnigg.

The new tools, which include new scissors, brushes and other features, should come in handy when you need to quickly show an idea to a client, to your team or to a classroom full of students, said the firm.

In addition, FiftyThree announced a partnership with Dayna Grayson and New Enterprise Associates (NEA) that will help accelerate growth of the company’s business and education related products.

Last but not least, FiftyThree confirmed raising a $30 million series B round of venture capital led by New Enterprise Associates to bring its tools to education and enterprise.

Source: FiftyThree