Apple Maps now animates London Eye and Big Ben’s clock tower

Apple Maps Big Ben

Apple has started to animate certain landmarks in a three-dimensional Flyover view in Apple Maps, The Daily Mail reported Thursday. Specifically, London’s Big Ben clock and the popular London Eye now feature animated segments in Flyover.

The face of Big Ben’s clock tower is being animated to show the correct local time while London Eye’s rotates slowly when browsed in Apple Maps’ Flyover view.

In addition, Apple has expanded service allowing businesses to add their details to maps, including mapping animated image in real-time onto existing buildings.

Earlier in the week, Apple added nine new cities to Maps’ Flyover view, including Baton Rouge, LA; Boise, ID; Cáceres, Spain; Clermont-Ferrand, France; Edinburgh, Scotland; Guadalajara, Mexico; Linz, Austria; Ponce, Puerto Rico; Rennes, France and Venice, Italy.

The firm also added new data providers to Maps: GasBuddy and GreatSchools.

MacRumors has a nice video of the spinning London Eye wheel.

Though these animated features are initially only available for London landmarks, they’re expected to roll out in other cities “within weeks,” said The Daily Mail report.

Source: The Daily Mail via MacRumors