Weather Underground launches a new storm tracker app

Storm by WU 3

Weather Underground is at it again. The company that provides some of the most comprehensive data from more than 100,000 personal weather stations around the U.S. has just launched a new app to help you keep track of storms.

Aptly named Storm by Weather Underground, it includes a laundry list of features including weather layers, overlays and warnings. Plus, you can see alerts for severe weather warnings, lightning, and rainfall right on your Lock screen using the Notification Center widget.

Layers provide users with a viewable timeline of past, present, and predicted future weather. The Radar shows patterns for rain, snow, or both. The Satellite shows cloud coverage. Switch to Road Weather, Wind Speed, Temperature, Water Temp, or Snow Cover.

Storm by WU 2

You can also add overlays for Storm Tracks, which follow major storms, Weather Stations, which offer the temperature from specific personal weather stations, Windstreams, which show you the surface direction the wind is blowing (you can switch to Jetstream), Fronts, which shows where potential storms may develop, Tropical Tracks, Tropical Model Tracks, and Earthquakes.

Stay up to date on watches and warnings for Tornados and Severe Thunderstorms, Floods, Tropical, Winter, Marine, and Other. When you select one of the watches, you can tap on a location to see specific warnings from the National Weather Service.

Every layer you select will display information on the map. You can select a specific location, or track weather wherever you are right now. Add a location to your favorites by holding your finger on the screen to call up the info window.

When you highlight a specific location, you can hide the weather tracker and see the current and predicted conditions for the day. Swipe up from the bottom of a column to see the 10-day forecast and switch to the graph page to view up-to-the-minute changes in weather.

Storm by WU 1

The Notification Center widget shows alerts from the National Weather Service, lightning strikes nearby, and rainfall. You can either set the widget to show alerts in your area, or select a specific location on the map.

Storm by Weather Underground is free on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. There is an in-app purchase to remove advertisements. However, the only ad I ever saw was one for the Weather Underground, so it didn’t bother me one bit. Download it in the App Store today.

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