MTerminal is a great replacement for Mobile Terminal


Since the realization that jailbroken devices can be permanently bricked, it’s a good opportunity to remind you to change your iPhone’s root password. Using a terminal emulator makes changing the password a piece of cake. Unfortunately, the most popular terminal emulator hasn’t been updated for iOS 8 or for newer devices like the iPhone 6.

Thankfully, there is a free alternative terminal emulator available in Cydia, and it’s actually a fork of Mobile Terminal. Entitled MTerminal, this lightweight Mobile Terminal alternative comes from developer lordscotland, and features iOS 8 support with optimization for big screen devices.

One of MTerminal’s flagship features is the presence of tap zones—gesture based commands that allow you to do things like use control keys, use page up/page down, paste, use full screen mode, and more.

You can even use advanced features like terminal multiplexing, session persistence and keyboard translation. The bottom line is that MTerminal is actually an upgrade over the original Mobile Terminal, and it comes highly recommended from yours truly.

While we’re at it, let’s take the opportunity to show you how to change your iPhone’s root password.

Step 1: Type passwd

Step 2: Type alpine

Step 3: Type a new password

Step 4: Type the new password again

You can download MTerminal free of charge from the BigBoss repo. Have you used it? Have you changed your root password?