Cheatsheet: a widget for all those little things you can’t remember


Your license plate, your driver license number, your hotel room number, the combination of your locker at the gym. All these are little things that we sometimes need to have quick access to but not necessarily remember. This is where an app like Cheatsheet comes in handy. Simply write things down in Cheatsheet and refer to them at any time directly from the widget in the Today tab of Notification Center.

Cheatsheet’s UI is clean and simple, making it a breeze to add cheats. Launch the app, tap the + icon to create a new cheat, select one of the 49 icons provided and type in the cheat’s details. Hit Save, and done. From there, you can quickly access this cheat by pulling down Notification Center.

The widget shows up to 10 cheats on iPhone, and up to 16 on the iPad version of the app. If you need to copy one of these cheats, simply tap and hold on it, and it will be automatically saved to the clipboard.

As the developer notes, Cheasheet shouldn’t be used to store sensitive information such as passwords or personal information, so maybe the screenshot I used above is a terrible example, but at least it gives you a good idea of what the app does.

Admittedly, Cheatsheet is not an app that you might be using every day, but it’s definitely something that could be helpful under certain situations. When traveling for example, it could be handy to write down your passport number, its expiration date, maybe your flight number, and the room number of the hotel you’re staying at. These are little things you don’t need to remember, but you do need to have access to them quickly.

Available for free in the App Store, Cheatsheet is one of these apps that should be in everybody’s toolbox. You might not need it today, but you most likely will tomorrow.