Twindr is like Tinder for Twitter


If Twitter and Tinder could mate, they’d probably give birth to something close to Twindr, a new app that aims to clean up your Twitter feed by allowing you to quickly unfollow accounts. The concept is pretty simple. After authorizing the app to get access to your Twitter account, you will be presented with cards of accounts you follow. Swipe right to keep following. Swipe left to unfollow.

If you’re more of a tapper than a swiper, you can opt to just tap the Unfollow and Keep Following buttons instead of swiping. It’s just as effective, but not nearly as fun.

This Tinder-like method of going through cards offers an incredibly fast way to weed out the accounts you don’t really care to follow anymore. Of course, one could argue that it’s just as fast to load up your list of followed accounts directly from the Twitter app and unfollow people from there. Yes, you’d be correct thinking that, but Twindr does all this in a somewhat fun way.

Twindr is a free download in the App Store. No ads or in-app purchase will get in your way either.