How to watch Super Bowl XLIX on iPhone, iPad and other devices

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We are now just a few days away from Super Bowl XLIX, one of the most highly anticipated sporting events of the year. At 6:30 (EST) on Sunday, more than 110 million people are expected to tune in to watch the Seattle Seahawks take on the New England Patriots in a battle for the NFL Championship.

For those of you who don’t plan to spend the day huddled around a television set, we’ve put together a list of ways to follow the action on other popular devices. Live streaming will be available this year on iPad and PC/Mac, courtesy of NBC, no cable subscription required, and on iPhone via NFL Mobile.

How to stream the Super Bowl on iPhone

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As in years past, live streaming for the Super Bowl on the iPhone is limited to Verizon customers here in the United States. The carrier has exclusive rights to live NFL coverage on mobile, so if you want to watch the big game on your smartphone in any kind of official capacity, you’ll have to go through them.

Fortunately, for folks who do have a Verizon-branded iPhone, the NFL Mobile app is pretty solid. In addition to Super Bowl streaming, it also offers access to all Super Bowl Commercials, exclusive news and video highlights, and more. You just need to be a subscriber of Verizon’s MORE Everything plan, or one of its legacy content programs. You can download the NFL Mobile app for iPhone and iPad here.

How to watch the Super Bowl on iPad

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Following the Super Bowl on an iPad will be a much easier affair, thanks to NBC’s “Super Stream Sunday” initiative. Using the NBC Sports Live Extra app, fans will be able to watch the full game on their tablets, as well as halftime and pre/post-game shows. It even sounds like you’ll be able to AirPlay the stream to Apple TV.

The app normally requires proof of cable subscription, but the login feature will be disabled for most of Sunday. You can find NBC’s Sports Live Extra app for both iPhone and iPad here.

How to stream the Super Bowl on PC or Mac

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Macs and PCs are also eligible to participate in Super Stream Sunday, meaning if you have a capable machine with an internet connection, you’ll be able to catch all of the action on As with the iPad app, viewers will not need a cable subscription to access the game and other content, and will be able to AirPlay the stream to Apple TV (from a compatible Mac).

Other ways to stream the Super Bowl


Fans outside the United States may be interested in picking up an NFL Game Pass for $9.99, which offers live streaming of the big game to iPads and computers. And those that just like to watch the high-budget commercials should know that YouTube has a special section just for Super Bowl ads.

Finally, if you don’t really care to watch the game at all, but still want to keep up-to-date on the score, big plays and other happenings, apps like ESPN’s Sports Center, SportsChirp for Twitter, and theScore should do the trick.

Again, Super Bowl festivities begin at noon on Sunday, with the actually game kicking off at 6:30 PM EST. Enjoy it!