AirWeb turns your Apple TV into a web browser

AirWeb 3

I use my Apple TV for just about everything, except browsing the Internet. Using my iPhone to mirror the images to my set-top box is a bit confusing and I tend to spend more time looking at my device than I do my television set.

AirWeb – Web Browser for Apple TV hopes to make your browsing experience a little bit easier with a specially designed display that basically turns your iPhone into a touch pad.

AirWeb 1

The app uses your iOS device’s ability to mirror your mobile screen to your television set through Apple TV. Using a specially designed in-app browser, you can then take advantage of controls that were made just for the purpose of browsing the Internet on your T.V. without having to constantly look down at your iPhone to see where to place your fingers next.

The main feature is the on-screen arrow. You can move a visual cursor around on the screen by dragging your finger to where you want to go. Tap the screen to click on links, buttons, and more.

You can also scroll down a page by using a two-finger pan gesture. Or, touch and hold the screen for three seconds to activate the tilt-to-scroll feature, which allows you to scroll up or down on the screen simply by tilting your device.

Zoom in by double-tapping the screen or by using the more familiar way of pinching.

AirWeb 2

Within the specially designed browser, you’ll also be able to swipe on the screen to the left or right in order to go back or forward between pages you’ve visited.

Thanks to the full-screen browser experience, you can show off your living room browser experience to friends and family without looking clumsy and awkward.

This app requires Apple TV 2 or 3 and iPhone 4S or newer (you can use an iPhone 4, but you’ll need a VGA/HDMI cable). It also supports all generations of the iPad mini, the iPad 2 or newer, and the fifth-generation iPod Touch.

AirWeb is available for $1.99. Download it in the App Store today.

What do you think of the AirWeb controller for Apple TV? Let us know in the comments.