How to export iCloud contacts

iCloud Contacts

We’ve already seen several options to export contacts as there are many ways to do just that. Sometimes, apps can help, and sometimes, you can do so directly from your Mac. But what if you don’t have your Mac handy and want to export your contacts? Assuming you use iCloud to store all your contacts, there is an easy way to export them from there.

Export contacts from iCloud

1) Go to and login with your username and password.

2) Click the Contacts icon.

3) Select any contact. When selected, a contact will be highlighted in blue.

4) On your keyboard, press Command + A simultaneously. This will select all your contacts.

5) At the bottom left of the screen, click on the little gear icon, and select Export vCard…

export icloud contacts

6) All the contacts will be compiled into one file, which you can then save to your desktop or anywhere else on your computer. The file generated will be a .vcf file, which is a standard used by virtually every Contact or Mail app out there. In short, you will be able to import these contacts in other apps, regardless of the platform.

It’s as simple as that. If you’re looking for other ways to export contacts, make sure to have a look at the following articles: