Here are the record numbers Wall Street analysts are expecting from Apple


Apple is set to report its earnings for the Christmas quarter on Tuesday after the market closes. Before the numbers hit in roughly 24 hours, Bloomberg has averaged numbers from Wall Street analysts to see how the company may fare. And as Business Insider puts it, this earnings report is going to be the big one

Here’s how the numbers break down, via top analysts:

  • Revenue: $67.5 billion, which would be up 17% year over year.
  • Earnings Per Share: $2.60, which would be up 25% year over year.
  • iPhone units: 65 million, which would be up 27% year over year (whisper number is closer to 69 million).
  • iPhone average selling price (ASP): $668 (it was $602.92 for the previous quarter).
  • iPad units: 22 million, down 14% year over year.
  • iPad average selling price (ASP): $436.
  • Mac units: 5.5 million units, up 15% year over year.
  • iPod units: 3.5 million.
  • Gross Margin: 38.5%.
  • March quarter revenue guidance: $53.70 billion.

The October to December numbers show the iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus have been key to Apple’s growth, as it looks like Apple will be demolishing its previous best-ever quarter of iPhone sales, which was 51 million units. Some analysts have even called for iPhone sales numbers to be as high as 69 million to 73 million.

The big part of the story will also be China. A report from Financial Times on Monday titled “China buying more iPhones than US” said reputable analysts estimate that the Cupertino firm has “reached the turning point in iPhone sales”, where more iPhones are being bought in China than the US.

You’ll notice, analyst still believe iPad sales are falling, with Mac sales up nicely.

iDownloadBlog will be bringing you the numbers when they are released at 4:30 PM EST on Tuesday, and we’ll be bringing you all the important notes from Apple’s conference call at 5:00 PM EST, where Tim Cook and co. will be breaking down the latest information from the company.

Source: Business Insider