Microsoft now gives you first month free when you sign up for an Office 365 subscription

Microsoft Office 365 first month free 002

Microsoft’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for the iPhone and iPad allow anyone to edit, create and view Office files on the go at no cost, but advanced features such as a more powerful editing capability, Dropbox integration and more is locked behind a paid for Office 365 subscription.

In the hope of encouraging as many Office for iOS users as possible to move up to the subscription model, the software maker on Thursday said it’s now treating you to the first month free if you sign up for an Office 365 subscription.

The promotion is available via the freshly updated Word, Excel and PowerPoint iOS apps that also sport minor accessibility enhancements in the form of better support for reading and editing using Apple’s VoiceOver technology.

Microsoft offers two types of Office 365 subscription through the In-App Purchase method in Word, Office and Excel for iOS.

The first, Office 365 Personal, allows you to use the Office apps on one Windows or Mac PC, one tablet and a phone in exchange for seven bucks per month.

Microsoft Office 365 first month free 001

Should you need to install Office on as many as five Windows or Mac PCs, five tablets and five phones (great for families), the $9.99 per month Office 365 Home subscription will do the trick.

Download Word, Excel and PowerPoint at no cost in the App Store.