Google releases Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS

chrome 2

Google released its long-rumored remote desktop app for iOS today. Dubbed Chrome Remote Desktop, it’s available now in the App Store for both the iPhone and iPad, allowing you to securely access your computers from either device.

Setup falls in line with other remote desktop applications. You’ll obviously need Chrome installed on your computer (PC, Mac and Linux), the desktop client, and the aforementioned iOS app, and then you simply follow the instructions.

Once you’re up and rolling, the app should look familiar to anyone who has used Screens, VNC or the like. You are given the choice of either trackpad or touch mode, and gestures control a verity of functions like scrolling, zooming, and click-drag.

In my short time using the app I didn’t notice anything groundbreaking, but for folks within Google’s ecosystem looking for a free remote desktop solution, it does the trick. You can grab the Chrome Remote Desktop app in the App Store for free.