Apple caught up with iPhone 6 demand, now ‘in stock’ on US online store


Apple updated its Apple Store in the US on Friday morning with good news for potential iPhone 6 buyers: it’s finally caught up with demand close to four months after the smartphone’s release.

The Apple Store now shows the iPhone 6 as “in stock”. The only model not in stock is the SIM-free, unlocked iPhone 6 Plus that was just released earlier this week.

Analysts estimate Apple sold between 65 to 69 million iPhones during the holiday quarter to set a record – so it may have had a good reason to be a bit behind. In some cases, shipping times for the iPhone 6 Plus reached as long as four weeks. The iPhone 6 reached 7 to 10 days.

When I purchased my white, 64GB iPhone 6 Plus in September, I didn’t receive it until November. It was an excruciating couple of months with a cracked iPhone 5s.

For areas outside of the US, it’s still not perfect. Shipping times are improving in Europe, but China iPhone customers must still pre-register online to reserve a device to purchase, often resulting in long lines.

Source: Apple via Apple Insider