5by for iOS will serve up videos based on your mood


5by is an app on the iTunes App Store that will serve you with videos based on your mood. I’ve often done this through YouTube, where I’m in a really bad mood and will search for comedy videos to help brighten my spirits (I’m rarely mad, but it happens). 5by, also available on the web, will help expedite the process.

The 5by app and website – from the folks at StumbleUpon – are sorted in several different categories depending on what you’re in the mood to view. “Hip Stuff”, “Showing Your Friends”, “Killing Time”, “Geeking Out”, and “Making You Laugh” will serve you up with recommendations that require less work and thinking than going through YouTube’s categories, subscription, and search.

Similar to YouTube, 5by allows you to save Favorites and view your History. There are also social network features that allow you to share with friends.

I’m in a good mood this morning – the sun’s out and it’s finally warming up from brutal wind chills. I’m in the mood for “Hip Stuff”.

5by is available for free from the App Store.

Source: iTunes App Store via Lifehacker