CES 2015: HomeKit-compatible Switch controls your home with Siri

iDevices Switch image 004

Debuting at CES 2015 as the world’s first HomeKit-certified products on the market, a smart power switch from an accessory maker called iDevices makes it easy to turn on anything in your home using your voice, no hub required.

Marketed as the Switch, this smart power switch uses voice capabilities of Siri to help manage your home from wherever you are.

It works in tandem with the companion iDevices Connected app running on your iPhone or iPad to make it easy to personalize the device with Siri voice commands, schedules based on your daily routines and so forth.

iDevices Switch image 001

Bringing smart home features to a power outlet through Apple’s HomeKit platform means you don’t have to fumble opening a dedicated app to control your home.

Just hold down the Home button of your iOS device to bring up Siri and then tell her which connected device to turn on or off. And if iOS 8’s “Hey Siri” feature is enabled, you’ll be able to control your home without touching your iPhone.

iDevices Switch image 007

You can issue voice commands such as “turn on my home”, “turn off lights,” “set up my bedroom,” “good night” and what not. As the images attest, the Switch looks pretty darn good, too!

Check out the promotional video below.

The aforementioned companion app is only necessary should you need to set up notifications for your home’s activity or customize the Switch with single, recurring or combined events, multiple control and scheduling options and so forth.

iDevices Switch image 003

For example, you could instruct the Switch to remember your events and make sure they happen even when you’re away. Likewise, managing all your connected HomeKit products by creating events that link products, rooms or even your entire home is a no-brainer with the iDevices Connected app.

Topping it all off, the Switch sports a customizable nightlight and has a small footprint that takes up one outlet on a two-outlet switch. The accessory is coming sometime in the first half of 2015.

Details of the pricing will be announced in due time.