PanicLock: a good way to discretely lock your iPhone

panicLock settings

Have you ever been in a situation where you would like to lock your iPhone in a discrete manner? Perhaps someone has asked to see your iPhone, or they’ve figured out your password, and they want to examine your phone. Obviously, you could just say no, but if you’re the passive aggressive type of person, you could just use PanicLock for iOS 8 instead.

PanicLock allows you to quickly and discretely lock access to your iPhone’s app icons using simple Activator gestures. After installing the tweak, simply head to the tweak’s preferences, and you’ll be able to configure the Activator gesture of your choice.

I recommend using an Activator gesture that requires the use of the iPhone’s physical hardware buttons. That way, you can use PanicLock as discretely as possible.

After you enable PanicLock, you’ll still be able to peruse your iPhone’s Home screen, but when you tap on an app the app won’t load. You’ll need to disable PanicLock by means of the same Activator gesture to regain access to your apps.

PanicLock is available free of charge on the BigBoss repo, and it’s a good way to secure your iPhone undetected. Share your thoughts and use case scenarios down below in the comment section.