Chevron to integrate Apple Pay at the pump in 2015


Oil giant Chevron is working alongside Apple to develop solutions to integrate Apple Pay directly with its gas pumps in 2015, to allow customers to pay with their phone directly at the pump, the company revealed in a tweet on Monday.

Chevron was one of the first partners alongside Apple when it launched Apple Pay in October, however it limited payments with the NFC chip to just the cashier inside, and it couldn’t be used directly at the pump.

I don’t know about you, but I just swipe my card at the pump and never walk inside. Good on Chevron for trying to make it even easier – I wouldn’t mind just waving my iPhone.

In a later tweet, Chevron said “a timeline is not set”, though it is working on the feature. It’d be interesting to know how costly it will be for the oil giant to rollout the technology. Surely other gas stations will follow suit.

Apple Pay is still in its early days, however early data from November shows it’s making notable headway in the mobile payments space. Apple Pay now accounts for 1.7 percent of the mobile payments market after its launch on October 20, but still lagging behind Google Wallet’s 4 percent share of the market, according to ITG research.

As more retail partners jump on board, 2015 should be a pretty interesting year for Apple Pay.

[Chevron via MacRumors]