Major Shazam update adds Counts feature, in-app player, deeper Spotify integration and more

Shazam 8.2 for iOS iPhone sreeenshot 001

The popular music-identification service Shazam on Wednesday issued a major update to its iOS client adding richer Spotify integration letting you listen to Spotify songs without leaving Shazam and automatically add Shazamed tracks to a specific playlist, an in-app player allowing you to quickly listen to the Shazam charts, a new Shazam Counts feature which displays how many Shazams each track has and more.

“Song releases, video premieres, exclusive Shazam sessions and interviews, plus breaking news from artists you have previously Shazamed – all front and center, the second you open the app,” boasts the company.

According to the firm’s blog post and media release, Shazam hopes a new version of its app will have you sticking around longer. The new built-in music player allows you to check out Shazam charts, trending songs and your recent Shazams.

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Just swipe right to add a track to My Shazam or swipe left to move on to the next track.

Check out the new in-app music player below.

Shazam 8.2 for iOS iPhone sreeenshot 002

As mentioned before, connecting with Spotify now lets you stream full Spotify songs without leaving Shazam (requires Spotify Premium).

And, you can now add your Shazams to any playlist and find them saved to a “My Shazam Tracks” playlist in Spotify or Rdio. Like before, Rdio integration with this same functionality is also present in this Shazam update.

In addition to the updated mobile app, a brand new experience awaits you over at, including the Hall of Fame which celebrates artists who have had outstanding success on Shazam and Shazam Counts.

“For the first time, Shazam now publishes the number of Shazams each track has had on,” note the firm.

Shazam 8.2 changelog:

  • We’ve reworked your Home screen so the second you open the app, you can:
    • Keep up to date with the latest from all the artists you’ve Shazamed.
    • Get instant access to the freshest Shazam charts.
    • Find out what your friends have Shazamed – just login to Facebook.
  • A new way to play. The ‘Play All’ button lets you:
    • Listen to full playlists across Shazam – Charts, your Shazams, and Recommended songs (now with better song recommendations customized for you!)
    • Quickly rate any track with the new player: Like it? Swipe right to save it to My Shazam. Not for you? Swipe left to skip it.
    • Hit play, and off you go with the music you want to hear, all in Shazam.
  • We know you love Spotify and so do we! Connect in Shazam and:
    • Listen to FULL tracks in any Shazam playlist!
    • Add a Shazam track to any of your Spotify playlists.
    • Find all your Shazams saved to a ‘My Shazam Tracks’ playlist in Spotify.

Shazam has over 100 million mobile monthly active users.

Download Shazam free in the App Store.

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