Apple rumored to be working on new 4-inch iPhone

iphone line

Apple is working on a new 4-inch iPhone model for next year, according to website G for Games. Citing sources in the Asian supply chain, the site says the Cupertino firm is aiming to release the smaller form factor device in the second half of 2015.

If true, the move would bring one-handed usability back to the iPhone line—a benefit that Apple frequently touted in previous years, but essentially abandoned in September when it introduced the new 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch 6 Plus.

Technically, though, Apple still has a 4-inch model in the 5s that should be around through at least 2016. And while there are certainly some users who would like to see an updated version of the smaller device, the bigger phones have been very popular.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus broke sales records for Apple over opening weekend, selling over 10 million units. Two months later, the handsets are still relatively difficult to find as the company has had a difficult time keeping up with supply and demand.

All of this being said, Apple has been unpredictable with its smartphone line in recent years, introducing the plastic iPhone 5c in 2013, and then of course the two larger models this year. So I don’t think that you can really count anything out at this point.

What do you think, should Apple build a new 4-inch iPhone model?

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