Apple threatens removal of another Notification Center widget from App Store, this time Drafts


Apple is about to force the removal of yet another Notification Center widget from the App Store, this time saying the Today view is for information presentation only and not buttons.

The Drafts 4 app, which contains the widget in question, once enabled users of the app to create new documents by simply pressing a button in Notification Center to launch the text editor app. Not anymore, says Tim Cook and Co. 

Even though the app had already been through Apple’s approval process and downloaded by users, Apple contacted Drafts’ developer Greg Pierce, saying he must re-submit the app without the buttons to create drafts or open the app. If not, the app will be removed from the App Store. Not to worry, Pierce says he’s already submitted an updated version.

This isn’t the first time Apple has threatened the removal of a Notification Center widget. Previously Launcher was removed for a “misuse of widgets” –  it also had buttons. Furthermore, the pCalc widget was removed until Apple decided it would allow calculator apps in the Notification Center. Confusing, we know.

It’s not necessarily frustrating Apple has rules – every developer knows this. It’s that Apple is changing it’s mind on apps that have already been through the approval process.

[Image via MacRumors]