Unread for iPad relaunches as a freemium app

Unread 1.1 for iOS (iPad screenshot 001)

After the Castro podcast player maker Supertop bought the popular RSS news reader Unread from original developer Jared Sinclair earlier this year, the company on Tuesday announced relaunching the iPad edition on the App Store.

Previously costing five bucks a pop, Unread for iPad is now a free download with In-App Purchases to unlock advanced features. The app sports full-screen reading, has multiple themes for day, night and some such, features rich content sharing via OvershareKit and much more.

As for the limitations in the free edition of Unread for iPad, you can read up to fifty articles to begin with, and then three per day once those are used up.

A one-time full unlock $3.99 In-App Purchase (the price is discounted for a limited time) unlocks seven additional themes and offers unlimited reading. The app includes linked lists and footnote popovers, supports VoiceOver and comes with a persistent web browser that keeps track of your history.

Full-screen article view gets rid of the clutter to let you focus on what matters the most: the actual written words. Articles in full-screen mode are typeset in gorgeous fonts from Hoefler & Co.

Taking advantage of the iOS Background Refresh technology, the app keeps your RSS subscriptions up to date. Sharing options include Instapaper, Pocket, Readability, Pinboard, your own Reading List and more.

As a cherry on top, the iPad edition has the same handy shortcuts of its iPhone counterpart. For example, just double tap an article summary to toggle its read/unread status. Or, tap and hold an article to bring up a menu of options for sharing and more.

Unread for iPad 1.1 changelog

  • Adds a More item to share menus to integrate with iOS 8 sharing extensions.
  • Adds new Dusk and Dawn themes (as part of the in-app purchase unlock).
  • Chippy and Blue Train themes are part of the in-app purchase unlock instead of hidden.
  • Adds an About screen.
  • Fixes bug where image and network caches could get out of control.
  • Fixes a bug where using iOS autocomplete to enter a username could prevent a user from logging in.

The 24.1-megabyte download is iPad-only and requires iOS 7.1 or later.

Download Unread for iPad free in the App Store.

If you previously purchased Unread for iPad, you can unlock this new version for free, here’s how.

The iPhone and iPod touch edition is a separate free of charge download.