New Microsoft ad says iPhone 6 Plus only makes Siri bigger, not smarter

Microsoft ad (Cortana bigger than Siri 001)

Friday, Windows giant Microsoft published a new Apple-bashing ad on its YouTube channel.

The 30-second television commercial shows off the latest version of Cortana, Microsoft’s Siri-like personal assistant, running on the Lumia 830 and interacting with a bunch of built-in applications.

Cortana amusingly brags to Siri about being able to perform functions Apple’s personal assistant can’t, like alert users to leave early for an appointment using traffic alerts, remind them of things based on who calls or texts and more.

“Maybe what you need isn’t a bigger phone, but a more personal, personal assistant,” Microsoft’s marketing argues.

Check out the video below.

For those who didn’t get the joke, Microsoft is saying that Cortana’s latest update lets her do more for the user, as opposed to the iPhone 6 Plus refresh which only makes the iconic smartphone and Siri bigger, not smarter.

[Microsoft Lumia on YouTube via SlashGear]