Storyframes greetings card app comes right on time for the holidays

Felt Storyframes 1

I’ve been a fan of the Felt Cards app for iPad for years now. I use it to send thank you cards, birthday cards, and the occasional Halloween greeting to my more obsessed friends. The thing that makes the Felt Cards app so special is that you write your own words in your own handwriting inside the blank card, and then staff prints it and mails the physical copy by hand.

This week, the company launched a holiday-based picture card app on the iPhone called Felt Storyframes. Now, you can send personalized well wishes to all your friends and family, complete with pictures, decorative overlays, and your own handwritten notes.

The cards are made out of premium Mohawk paper in an accordion style fold. The images are set on individual pages with perforated edges so the recipient can even separate them.

Felt Storyframes 3

All you have to do is add a picture from your Camera Roll and then choose a filter. You can use black-and-white or the specially “aged” Felt filter, or simply leave it alone. Then, add an overlay. There are 32 different designs featuring a variety of holiday-themed sentiments. You can also go all natural here, as well.

Then, personalize the card by adding a hand-written sentiment on the front and back. You can choose from 11 different ink colors. Or, use the text feature to type out your thoughts, (but that defeats the purpose of using this handwritten card app).

You can create one card with up to five “Storyframes” in them. A single, postcard-style frame costs $3. Each additional frame costs $1 for a total of $7 maximum.

Then, address the envelope using your own handwriting, or again type out the information. You can even save your addresses for future use. If you send “Thank You” cards to your grandmother, save the handwritten address for quick use later.

Felt Storyframes 2

Then, pay your fees and have the card sent directly. Most domestic cards will arrive within three to five days with international orders costing an additional dollar and taking between seven and 10 days.

This is a great way to share your holiday greetings with multiple friends and family. You can personalize each card with different photos so everyone will have to get together and show each other.

The only problem I have with Felt Cards, and it is the same in Felt Storyframes, is that the handwriting tool does not work very well. It lags a bit. The iPad app actually improved over time. So, hopefully the company will continue working on that feature.

Felt Storyframes is only available on the iPhone for now, but will be updated with iPad optimization Dec. 1. Download it in the App Store for free.