Evernote for Mac rewritten for speed and energy performance, iOS app gets Work Chat and more

Evernote 6.0 for OS X (Mac screenshot 001)

Evernote, the popular note-taking and productivity platform, on Thursday issued a major refresh to its Mac app while adding a new Work Chat for sharing and collaborating to the iPhone and iPad client, among other items.

After a complete rewrite, Evernote 6.0 for Mac is now significantly faster, more reliable and consumes less energy than ever before.

As if that weren’t enough, the new Mac app comes with half a dozen new features, including sleek new look optimized for OS X Yosemite, search improvements, the ability to resize images and tables, to mention just a few.

iOS and OS X editions of Evernote are available free of charge.

The new Work Chat in Evernote for iOS gives you finely graded controls to share content, edit permission when sharing a single note, see what collaborators are editing in your account and start chats with individual users or company groups.

Evernote 7.6.2 for iOS changelog

  • Work Chat: a new way to share and collaborate in Evernote
    • Share notes and notebooks in-app
    • Give view or edit permission when you share a single note
    • Chat with individuals or groups about things you’re working on
    • See when others are viewing or editing notes in your account and start chats with them
  • Updated Today widget with recently viewed notes
  • Bug fixes

In addition to three times faster syncing, Yosemite look, Spotlight searching of your notes and new sharing features, Evernote 6.0 for Mac includes a revamped Presentation Mode with “beautifully styled tables” and bleeding images.

You’ll love a new Context feature for Premium users, too (starts at $4.99 per month).

As the name suggest, Context automatically displays notes, articles and people related to what you’re working. Related articles are pulled from The Wall Street Journal and other sources and related people from LinkedIn and your business.

Oh, and they’ve squashed more than an incredible 500 various bugs that contributed to more than 200 types of crashes.

Evernote 6.0 for Mac changelog

  • New features:
    • Sleek new design inspired by OS X Yosemite.
    • Tables can now be resized, and have configurable background colors and border styles.
    • Images can be resized right in the note editor. Just click an image and drag the handle in the bottom right corner.
    • Search results are now ordered by relevance.
    • Faster notebook selector at the top of the note list remembers your recently used notebooks.
    • Redesigned checkboxes in the note editor are easier to click.
    • Evernote will now stay logged in by default.
    • Search your notes with Spotlight.
    • Send messages to share notes and discuss things you’re working on without leaving Evernote.
  • Speed:
    • Sync is more than 3x faster. Users with lots of shared notebooks and Evernote Business users will see the biggest improvements.
    • New notes sync instantly so they’re immediately accessible on your other devices.
    • Share notes without waiting for a sync to complete.
    • Launch and quit times have been reduced dramatically.
    • New keyboard shortcuts have been added to jump to the note list for easy navigation (CMD + |) and you can now tab between the search field, the note list, current note title and note body.
    • Energy consumption when the app is idle has been significantly reduced.
  • Stability:
    • We’ve closed over 500 bugs including more than 200 types of crashes.
    • Our crash reporting system has been completely rebuilt.
  • New Premium feature: Context
    • Context displays notes, articles, and people related to what you’re working on.
    • View related articles from The Wall Street Journal and other sources and related people from LinkedIn and your business.
  • Presentation Mode has been improved with a fresh look and new features
    • Use the layout panel to navigate your presentation and add dividers.
    • Images are now presented from screen-edge to screen-edge.
    • Beautifully styled tables make your information stand out.

Download Evernote for Mac, the iPhone and iPad at no cost in the App Store.