Apex 2 updated to support iOS 8.1


Several well-loved tweaks from the jailbreak community have been receiving their iOS 8 updates over the past several weeks, the latest of which being Apex 2. This popular tweak by A3Tweaks allows users to create app stacks, which work similarly to folders and can be used to group similar apps in an attractive bundle.

Apex 2 is a great way to eliminate folders on the Home screen and replace them with stacks of up to five total apps. Check out Jeff’s review of Apex 2 for a look at the features of Apex 2.

There aren’t any new features added to the latest update that weren’t included in the iOS 7 version, and the update is free for previous owners of Apex 2. If you have yet to purchase this tweak, our comprehensive article covering Apex 2 is sure to win you over, as the tweak packs some highly polished functionality.

It’s worth noting that the update provides compatibility with iOS 8.1 only, and excludes devices running iOS 8.0.x. It is, however, compatible with all devices running iOS 8.1, including iPad.

Apex 2 is available for $2.99 in Cydia’s BigBoss repo, a purchase that includes all past versions of Apex, from iOS 6 through iOS 8.1.