High-def drone footage shows iSpaceship progress

iSpaceship (aerial Myithz)

Apple’s Campus 2 (aka iSpaceship), a 2.8 million square foot, ring-shaped future home to some 12,000 Apple employees, is going to complement Apple’s current Cupertino, California headquarters. Slated for completion by 2016, the massive project has been photographed from every angle and filmed from the air since Apple broke ground a year ago.

The most recent video that YouTuber ‘Myithz’ shot in 1080p using a DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus treats us to an aerial view of the upcoming campus as of this past Saturday, November 8.

If the clip is anything to go by, Apple has made quite a bit of progress at the 176-acre site. Preliminary work on the underpinnings of the structure that will actually be built on top is clearly visible, with bits of the actual building beginning to take shape following completion of the foundation a month ago.

Of course, the structure is far from complete.

The pilings are half-complete and most of the foundations are yet to be poured. That being said, temporary structures to help pour the first floor of what will become an underground parking lot are also visible.

Check out the video below.

I can’t wait to see Apple’s version of the Pentagon in person.

“Interestingly, even though Apple is covering the construction site with a high green wall and sending security people after drone pilots, it is updating the 3D flyover of the location in Apple Maps somewhat frequently,” Seth Weintraub writes over at 9to5Mac.

Here’s an aerial image shared nearly a month ago via the City of Cupertino website.

iSpaceship (Aerial, City of Cupertino 002)

“There is not a straight piece of glass in this building. It’s a circle, so it’s curved all the way round,” Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs said during a 2011 presentation before the City of Cupertino Council, his last public appearance. “This is not the cheapest way to build something,” he added.

The 4-story, eco-friendly structure is already $2 billion over budget so hopefully there won’t be new delays as 2016 deadline approaches. Apple said Campus 2 will file as the greenest corporate structure in the world.

For more on Campus 2, head over to the City of Cupertino website.

[YouTube via 9to5Mac]