Facebook introduces new ways to customize your News Feed


As part of an ongoing mission to improve its News Feed experience, Facebook today announced that it has built and updated a few tools to help you customize the content you see everyday. These tools are located in the News Feed settings menu (More > Help & Settings, on mobile).

Of course customizing your News Feed is all about controlling who you see posts from. Starting today, you’ll be able to quickly unfollow and re-follow people, Pages and Groups. Unfollowing of course means you’re still friends with the user, but will no longer see their status updates.

To do this, simply tap on the arrow in the top right hand corner of a post from the person or page you want to unfollow. This menu also includes options to hide the post, and see fewer posts from the user. The latter setting makes it so not all of the user’s posts will appear in your Feed.

All of this is especially interesting in light of some comments Mark Zuckerberg made during his Q&A event yesterday regarding Facebook’s Page reach decline. Zuckerberg said the problem is content overload. Users are sharing more, and following more users—no one can keep up.

Facebook says that the News Feed settings will be available starting today on desktop and mobile.