Great Big War Game and other Rubicon titles free for the weekend

great big war

If you’re looking for a little entertainment this weekend in the form of a new iOS game, you might check out some of Rubicon’s titles. The UK-based indie developer has discounted nearly all of its iOS library down to free for the next two days.

This includes the massively popular turn-based strategy “Great War Game” series, as well as other games like Zombies: Dead in 20, Fruit Blitz and Yachty Deluxe. They normally range in cost from $1 to $3, so we’re talking $10+ in savings here.

Admittedly, I wouldn’t really consider any of these top-tier games, but some of them are extremely popular. Great Little War Game HD, for example, has a 4.5 star rating on nearly 20,000 reviews. Be aware, though, that there are in-app purchases.

Again this is a weekend sale, so expect prices to return to normal on Monday.

Like free? Make sure to grab Camera+ and RGB Express as well.