Apple Pay glitch causing some Bank of America users to be double charged

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There is a glitch in Apple Pay that is causing some Bank of America customers to be charged twice for purchases, reports Bloomberg. A number of BOA card holders have come forward saying that they are seeing duplicate charges on their statements for Apple Pay-related transactions.

While some teething issues are expected with any new service launch—particularly on Apple Pay’s—this has proven to be a serious problem. Customers affected by the glitch found themselves stuck between Apple and Bank of America customer service, with both sides passing the buck.

After seeing the incorrect charges, many customers instinctively called Bank of America in search of a refund, only to be referred back to Apple. Apple, however, was quick to remind them that the reason Apple Pay is so safe is because they don’t handle any bank or credit card information.

Apple’s Trudy Miller confirmed the company is aware of the Bank of America issue that’s affecting a small number of users. And a Bank of America spokesperson added: “We do apologize for the inconvenience and are correcting this issue immediately and all duplicates will be refunded.”

After being unveiled last month, Apple Pay officially launched on Monday, and Apple says it’s off to an “amazing” start. The service, which allows iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners to pay for things online and in stores using their handsets, is supported by several financial institutions and retailers.


Update: Recode shines some additional light on the situation, saying that the issue was between Bank of America and at least one payment network (did not involve Apple), and affected around 1,000 transactions. The bank hopes to have a fix in place today.