Be choosy, Apple Pay is limited to 8 credit cards at any one time

Passbook Apple Pay 8 Limit

I generally keep a lot of credit cards, because I like to play the loyalty frequent flier bonus miles game. I’ve been able to take some amazing trips for next to nothing over the years as a result.

But telling you about my global travels isn’t the purpose of this post. The point of this post is to highlight a limit you’ll encounter if you add enough cards to Apple Pay.

It appears that Apple Pay limits its users to only eight credit and/or debit cards per device. I ran into this limit as I was adding as many of my credit cards into Passbook as I could. It’s nowhere near a deal breaker, but this is somewhat disappointing for me…

Apple Pay Add Another Card Greyed Out

Interestingly enough, you aren’t actually told that you’re limited, you’ll just notice that the “Add Another Card” button is greyed out, and tapping it after adding an eighth card results in nothing. This is disappointing for those of us with lots of credit cards, or for those of us with just a healthy mix of credit and debit cards.

I’m not sure if this is an arbitrary limit, and Apple will eventually raise the number of credit cards that can be added, or if there were some other, perhaps regulatory reasons. why a ninth card can not be added at this time. I know for sure that this is strictly a limit on the credit/debit card side of Passbook, as I have more than eight passes added to Passbook, and there seems to be no limit to Passbook passes.

The simple solution to this is just to remove the credit cards I don’t actually use, and that’s what I did. All of my cards have a zero balance anyway, but I would enjoy having them all accessible via Passbook in case of an emergency.

What do you think? Am I just nitpicking, or is this a legitimate issue?