Apple said to be planning holiday launch for Apple Pay loyalty program


Apple is hoping to launch its rumored Apple Pay loyalty rewards program in time for the holiday season, reports Bank Innovation. The program was initially thought to be part of Apple Pay 2.0, expected in the fall of 2015, but new reports claim Apple pushed up the time table.

How the program will work is still unknown, but Bank Innovation says it will likely utilize Apple’s iBeacon tech. It offers an example that includes the Apple Pay user receiving a push notification while in a clothing store that reads: “hey if you buy this now, you can get this for free.”

Apparently Apple also plans to monetize rewards program by integrating iAds. Again utilizing iBeacons and Bluetooth LE, participating advertisers would be able to push targeted ads to customers based on where they’re at: “on an all-day amusement park trip? Grab a cold Pepsi.”

While a holiday launch for such a program makes perfect sense, Bank Innovation warns there’s no certainty. After all, convincing retailers of a massive shift in consumer behavior just before Black Friday and the busiest shopping period of the year is going to be tough, even for Apple.

Apple Pay officially launched yesterday, and is compatible with debit and credit cards from American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. Users with compatible phones and cards can utilize the new service at more than 200,000 US retailers, including gas stations and fast food chains.

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