Flickr updated with iOS 8 Share Extension, native iPad interface with unified search and more

Flickr 3.2 for iOS (iPad screenshot 001)

Yahoo’s Flickr photography service this past weekend issued an update to its iOS app bringing, at last, native interface on iPads, a new Share Extension on iOS 8 so you can post photos to Flickr from any third-party application which support system-wide Share sheets, the ability to access and edit photo details in the mobile app, use unified search across your photos, albums, groups and Flickr photos and more.

Flickr 3.2 is available free in the App Store.

The iPad UI gives you the full set of options to access, organize and share your Flickr images from any device, including live filters and a set of professional editing tools on iPad. You can also change your Flickr avatar and background photo in the iPad app.

The universal search feature lets you find the right photo across your photos, albums, groups and Flickr photos (both your own and community photos) “without any need for tags or additional photo information”.

Check out the iPad UI in action.

Flickr 3.2 for iOS (iPad UI, animated GIF 001)

Flickr 3.2 for iOS (iPad UI, animated GIF 002)

Flickr 3.2 changelog:

  • Integration with iOS 8 Share Extension
  • Ability to access and edit photo details
  • Unified search across your photos, albums, groups and Flickr photos
  • Performance and stability improvements
  • Bug fixes

The 67.7-megabyte download is requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad compatible with iOS 8.0 or later.

For those wondering, Flickr is home to about ten billion photos. The service offers one terabyte of cloud storage to upload and hold your photos, great for fans of iPhone photography who want to back up their photos online without buying additional iCloud storage.

By the way, various iPhone models hold the top three slots in Flickr’s Most Popular Cameras list.

After launching the iPhone app in September 2009, Apple integrated Flickr in iOS following previous Twitter and Facebook integration. After signing in with their Flickr credentials in Settings > Flickr, users can share snaps to the service via multi-purpose Share sheets without the official app installed on their devices.

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