Tons of rock albums are currently on sale on iTunes

Rock hits sale

I don’t know about you but I’m a big rock fan. From my punk rock roots to my alternative music adulthood, I’ve always been more attracted to loud guitars than electronic beats or vinyl disc scratches. While I listen to many different styles of music, rock & roll still is my go-to genre.

If like me you’re a rock fan, or if you just like to listen to a little bit of everything, you’ll sure want to have a look at this sale going on in iTunes right now on some major rock albums, all having been discounted to only $7.99.

If you’re wondering what some of my favorite artists are, I have compiled a list of those albums that are currently on sale in iTunes for you too look at. Because there are dozens of albums available on sale, I invite you to go straight to the iTunes section should you want to see all albums available for $7.99.

Which ones are you going to pick up?