Updated for iPhone 6: Pocket, PDF Expert 5, Calendars 5, Scanner Pro and Printer Pro

Pocket (iOS 8 sharing)

Readdle’s stable of iOS productivity apps — PDF Expert 5, Calendars 5, Printer Pro and Scanner Pro — along with Pocket’s read-it-later iOS app — have received their respective updates Wednesday enabling native support for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus display sizes.

PDF Expert’s support for the new iPhone screen sizes arrives ten days after its developer, Ukraine-based Readdle, issued an update turning on iCloud Drive storage support and Touch ID fingerprint-based authentication.

In addition to an optimized layout for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, Pocket 5.6.1 includes performance improvements and a fix for the Instant Sync push feature on iOS 8 devices. More than twelve million people use Pocket to easily save articles, videos and other piece of content for consumption later.

The app also has an awesome iOS 8 Extension so you can send content to Pocket in any iPhone and iPad application which uses Apple’s multi-purpose Share sheet, including Safari.

Pocket’s iOS 8 Extension is pretty great.

As a Pocket convert (I used to be an Instapaper person), I constantly rely on the service to keep my research notes and news articles handy. Having been using the software for more than a year and couldn’t be happier with it.

The app’s iOS 8 extension is particularly handy. No longer do I have to rely on other app makers to implement native sharing to Pocket because now every app can take advantage of Pocket’s sharing extension to gain this functionality for free.

Pocket (iOS 8 sharing animated GIF)

I’m especially fond of the interactivity: I can tag and organize my content right when I save it to a list. When you save something with the Pocket Share Option, a Save confirmation appears along with the tag icon: tapping it lets you add any tag to that item.

To enable the Pocket Share Option in iOS 8, follow the instructions here.

Pocket supports Handoff, too, so I can seamlessly continue reading in Pocket for Mac right where I left off on my iPhone or iPad — sweet!

Pocket (iOS 8 Handoff animated GIF)

Moving on to PDF Expert 5.

For those unfamiliar with it, this comprehensive app lets you read, annotate or edit PDF documents on your iPhone and iPad using a built-in file manager, PDF editor, audiobook and PDF review modes and much more.

The previous update has enabled an interesting precision-writing feature called Zoom Writing which zooms only a part of the page allowing you to handwrite more. And as you write, the zoomed part moves along the page constantly adjusting to your pace.

Here’s Zoom Writing in PDF Expert 5 in action.

PDF Expert is a $9.99 download.

Scanner Pro is $2.99 while Calendars 5 and Printer Pro are $6.99 each.

All four Readdle apps can be purchased as a $19.99 Ultimate Productivity Bundle, a savings of seven bucks. The $14.99 Readdle Productivity Bundle is also available with PDF Expert 5, Scanner Pro and Printer Pro, a savings of five bucks.

Pocket is available free of charge in the App Store and Mac App Store.