ScribbleBoard: because drawing is more fun than typing

ScribbleBoard iMessage

Typing is so iOS 7!

With the introduction of third-party keyboards in iOS 8, you can now tap and swipe your way through words like never before, but really, where is the fun in that? Enters ScribbleBoard, a keyboard that lets you draw little doodles instead of typing words. Your productivity will certainly go down the drain as you activate this keyboard, but what you will lose in efficiency will be gained in fun.

ScribbleBoard is a keyboard extension focused more on messaging than anything else. Fire up the Messages app for example, and select ScribbleBoard as your keyboard, which will bring up a clean canvas on which you can draw whatever you’d like.

You can select a background color, adjust the thickness of your line, as well as choose a color for your imaginary pencil. Then draw your best piece of art, or your worst doodle. When you’re ready to send it, tap the button that will copy the doodle as an image to your clipboard. Finally, paste it in your message and send it away. As an alternative, you can save your doodle to your Camera Roll for later use.

If you feel like you can’t get your words across as good with a doodle than you could with an actual keyboard, ScribbleBoard also contains a “normal” keyboard where you can actually type your message.

As mentioned before, this is a fun app but it obviously has limited use. It could be a fun tool to spice up your iMessage communication, and that’s about all the fun you’ll have with this app.

ScribbleBoard is free in the App Store.