A closer look at the layers of security behind Apple Pay

Apple Pay benefits 2

Yoni Heisler gives a detailed look at the security mechanisms of Apple Pay, and explains why it may very well be the safest way to make any type of credit card payment. Based on discussions with a few credit card executives involved in the Apple Pay development process, Heisler paints a great pictures of the various security elements behind Apple Pay.

So while the Apple Pay user experience has been set up to be impressively simple, there are a myriad of complex safety measures at work behind the scenes to help ensure that sensitive user data remains free from prying eyes. The use of token-based payments is something the banks have been pushing for and something the credit card networks are similarly excited for.

The only variable, really, is how consumers take to it. Safety, though, shouldn’t be a concern.

A must-read for anyone concerned about the security of the system, or simply for anyone interested in learning more about what’s already dubbed as the “most secure payments scheme on the planet.” Read the full story at TUAW.