Tweetbot delivers iPhone 6 support, iOS 8 Extensions, Interactive Notifications and more

Tweetbot 3.5 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)

Tweetbot, the popular Twitter client for the iPhone and iPad by Tapbots, on Wednesday issed a substantial refresh to its iPhone app, bringing out a couple iOS 8 goodies and other enhancements available across both iOS 7 and iOS 8 devices.

A free update for existing users, Tweetbot 3.5 includes native display support for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus so your timeline no longer looks fuzzy as the app takes full advantage of every single pixel of screen real estate.

It’s also optimized for iOS 8 with support for Share Sheet extensions, custom actions and actionable notifications that can be interacted with on the Lock screen, within the Notification Center and right on the alert banner.

Note: iPhone 6 screenshots embedded in this article courtesy of MacStories editor Federico Viticci.

Actionable notifications allow you to mark a tweet as favorite and reply to it without opening the app. Note that the text field in Interactive Notifications is off limits to third-party apps — Apple’s QuickReply leverages this exclusively for the time being —  so tapping the Reply button in the notification launches Tweetbot instead.

Tweetbot 3.5 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

You will also love built-in support for 1Password’s proprietary extensions, which removes the friction when signing into websites via Tweetbot’s built-in browser. If you haven’t tried 1Password yet, you don’t know what you’re missing.

This feature-packed password management application for the iPhone and iPad does way more than store your passwords: it can store your various online identities, credit cards and banking information, notes and other sensitive information in a securely encrypted vault.

Best of all, basic 1Password features are now available free of charge.

Lastly, in addition to bug fixes, Tweetbot 3.5 has ditched its custom contextual menu in favor of standard iOS 8 Share Sheets. The much welcomed change means any third-party Share Sheet Actions and Extensions are now available within Tweetbot, elevating your experience.

Tweetbot 3.5 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Just one example: you could translate a tweet by using Bing’s Translate extensions available in any app through iOS 8’s multipurpose Share Sheet. Or, you can now bookmark interesting URLs on Pinboard, archive them in Evernote or send them to Pocket, without leaving Tweetbot.

How cool is that?

To access Share Sheet options, just tap and hold a tweet or hit the Share icon in your timeline.

Viticci in his Tweetbot review mentions a minor issue with extensions.

“Because of Apple’s implementation of extensibility in iOS 8, Tweetbot now comes with two distinct action menus: the Tapbots one, and the share sheet,” he observed, opining that this isn’t a deal breaker though “it stands out in an app whose design has been carefully considered”.

Also, Tweetbot 3.5 lacks a Today widget and it doesn’t exports its own Share Sheet extensions in this release.

The update is free to existing users.

Tweetbot for the iPhone and iPad costs five bucks. The iPad edition costs three bucks a pop and was last updated back in June.

In Tapbots’ defense, they did acknowledge in a blog post that Tweetbot 3 for the iPad is in development, though progress has been “slower than expected” due to new iOS 8 features.

”Two of our older apps will be updated for iOS8 (iPhone/iPad) and debut for the first time on the Mac (Yosemite),” the blog post teases.

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