Bleacher Buddy helps you find what channel the game is on

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Bleacher Buddy is an iPhone app built to answer the age-old question: “what channel is the game on?” It’s not a new app by any means, but I came across it for the first time today, and with the fall sports season now in full swing, I figured it’d be pertinent to mention it.

Using Bleacher Buddy is as easy as you’d expect it to be. You start off by giving it your zip code, and then selecting your satellite or cable TV provider. Once that’s done, tell the app what sport, or specific game, you want to watch, and it will tell you which channel to turn to.

The app supports a number of sports and professional sports leagues, which you can choose from within the main menu. I didn’t see a search function for locating a particular game, but with the way the navigation is setup, it’s not too difficult to hone in on a desired event.

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Bleacher Buddy doesn’t just give you channels, either. It will also tell you what time a game begins, where it’s being played, scores, and what the (Vegas?) odds are for possible outcomes. You can even participate in polls, chat with other users, and set custom game alerts.

The UI isn’t great—particularly on my iPhone 6 Plus—there’s a tacky ad banner at the bottom, and some of the features are a bit gimmicky. But at its core Bleacher Buddy works as advertised, so if it’s something you’re interested in, check it out it in the App Store for free.

[via TUAW]