ProCamera gains iOS 8 manual control, brand new vividHDR feature and more

ProCamera 8.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Camera+ isn’t the only iPhone photography app vying for your attention today. ProCamera by Cocologics on Thursday received a major refresh for iOS 8 as well.

ProCamera 8, a free update for existing users, enables swipe exposure control on iOS 8 devices while bringing out the ability to set custom values for exposure time and ISO sensitivity, support for both recording and reproducing high framerate video via the built-in video player and more.

If you really need to boost your snaps with vivid colors and powerful contrasts, an optional vividHDR feature in partnership with Ittiam is available via a one-time $1.99 In-App Purchase.

ProCamera has always been a tremendously useful and capable mobile photography software. The new features released today have reinforced my long-held belief that ProCamera should be part of every photographer’s arsenal.

The vividHDR feature is being billed as the most advanced three-shot HDR capture on iOS 8. It’s so accurate, developers claim, that it’s possible to capture moving objects without ghosting.

VividHDR comes with five different HDR styles (Natural, Vivid, Black and White and more) and lets  fiddle with it before buying (your edits will be watermarked).

As for manual exposure control, it works as advertised. You have a dedicated Exposure Compensation dial so you can control the light levels in photos. The dedicated ISO & Shutter mode (enable it in settings) lets you apply just the right amount of the ISO sensitivity and Shutter Speed before hitting the shutter button.

ProCamera 8.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Rounding up the comprehensive set of manual controls, ProCamera 8 provides complete color control over your White Balance for the right amount of color temperature and color tint.

Finally, the built-in slow motion video player makes it easy to watch high-framerate video and you can even adjust the audio pitch with one of the four new presets.

ProCamera 8 highlights:

  • vividHDR (In-App Purchase) — Fast. Simple. Vibrant. With our technology partner Ittiam for vividHDR, our world’s best HDR on iOS 8 does not require a tripod and can capture moving objects. Discover a new world of vivid colors and powerful contrasts.
  • Exposure swipe control — The new precision dial allows you to control the photo’s exposure with a swipe of your thumb. Set the ideal exposure intuitively and boost the quality of your photos.
  • Pro control — Now you can get the same level of control as with a DSLR camera. This includes setting explicit values for exposure time and ISO sensitivity as well as color temperature and tint.
  • Slow motion video player — Now not only you can record videos at high frame rates, you can also play them back in slow motion and even adjust the pitch of the audio in your videos.

ProCamera 8 also includes all of the many features from previous releases that have made the app such a hit among iPhone photographers.

To name just a few: 76 filters and effects, full-resolution previews, night camera modes with long exposures, both widescreen and square (useful for Instagram) capture formats, a dedicated Lightbox (if you don’t want your snaps stored in the Photos database), the ability to adjust the intensity of the LED with a slider, numerous sharing options, batch uploading to DropBox and Vimeo, TIFF support and much more.

ProCamera 8 is three bucks a pop for new users.

Note that this version requires iOS 8.0 or later, so you won’t be able to download it to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad unless you’ve upgraded your devices to iOS 8.

The iPad edition of ProCamera has not been updated yet for iOS 8.

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