iMaker allows you to animate app icons on your Home screen


We’ve seen ActiveBoard, a tweak that allows you to add glowing effects to applications that are running in the background or have a pending notification. iMaker is a new jailbreak tweak with a similar goal, but packed with various different animations and options.

The tweak, which has been developed by Javier Brito, allows you to quickly identify the recently opened 5 apps that are still running in the background, applications that have a pending notification or which have been recently updated. This is done by applying various different animation styles to their icons.

The tweak provides 7 different animation styles including Spinner, Side Flips, Flips, Hand Stand, Twister, Flipster and Large Jitter effects. If you think this is not enough, it comes packed with 6 more additional special effects.

iMaker also adds a preference panel to the stock Settings app where you can configure the tweak to your liking. From there, you can choose the criteria when you want an application to be animated and select one of seven different animation styles. A live preview of a sample icon is also displayed at the top of the tweak’s preferences to give you a better idea of how an app icon will look with the current configurations.


Additionally, you can enable or disable each of the special effects that the tweak offers such as Pulse, Corners, Magic etc. as well as adjust their speed.

While I’m not fond of the tweak and the way the app icons animate, it might appeal to some users. Afterall, this is just my opinion and everyone will surely have different tastes.

If you want to take this tweak for a ride, you can purchase it for $1.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repository and requires iOS 7 to work properly.