Tim Cook talks Apple’s environmental efforts at Climate Week NYC

tim cook climate

Tim Cook turned up in Manhattan today, to help kickoff the Climate Week NYC 2014 conference. The CEO was invited to speak as part of the ‘enterprise-focused global solutions’ portion of the event, and he participated in a short on-stage interview regarding Apple’s carbon footprint.

More specifically, Cook talked about the various things Apple is doing to reduce its carbon footprint. Not only is it working to ensure that many of its facilities are run on renewable energy, but it’s also working to make impactful changes through its supply chain and at the product level.


Apple has certainly become more transparent about its environmental responsibilities under Tim Cook, and its efforts have been praised by Greenpeace and other agencies. The company likes to tout that all of its data centers, and many of its facilities, are run on 100% green energy.

“We’re very secretive about what products we’re working on,” Tim Cook says. “But climate, human rights, education, we feel deeply about these. These are at the core of who we are. They are deep in our values. And we know that we will not make enough of a difference if we only solve our little piece of the world.”

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